M14 Globular Cluster

Finally back in business. Two months since I was able to operate our remote observatory in New Mexico due broken motor to open up the roof. Now it’s fixed. First test image of the RC1. This is total of 80 minutes of LRGB exposures of this nice globular cluster.


M41 Star Cluster, New Mexico

This is actually the first light color image of the second RC we just got operational in Rancho Hidalgo, NM. This 16 RC is equipped with Apogee U9 CCD with 9-position CFW. Image exposures are LRGB=18:18:18:18 minutes.



Comet C/2012 S1 ISON

Imaged yesterday just before sunrise in New Mexico with our new RC2 telescope with Apogee U9 CCD. Four 15 seconds subs combined.


Second 16″ RC Operational in New Mexico

After long wait and a lot of work and configuration I’m happy to announce that we have our second operational RC telescope in Rancho Hidalgo. Thank you Mark Hanson for your valuable help.

Two 16" RCs


This is M78 image where data is combined from last year and this year. LRGB = 40:40:30:40 minutes.

Framing was a bit challenging due to lack of guiding stars.


NGC 6914, Reflection Nebula in Cygnus

This image is taken with the 16 inch RC in Rancho Hidalgo, New Mexico. It consists of 30 min total exposures per color channel. All subs are 3 minutes in duration.

NGC 6914

Imaging Comet C/2012 S1 ISON

Currently imaging comet ISON in New Mexico. Almost full Moon is lighting the observatory at Rancho Hidalgo. Comet was very low above the horizon (27 deg) and it was just visible to telescope above observatory wall.

Paramount at RH

And here is the result, 4min exposure (30 sec subs) where stars and comet stacked separately and combined.


Cygnus Wall


Blog hacked, trying to recover

About two weeks ago my blog was hacked and pages destroyed. I’m trying to recover and restore as much as I can. Page layout is also damaged but blog database and photo database seem to be intact.

CSS 081231:071126+440405

This is four hours time series of this variable taken with SON equipment.

CSS 081231_071126 440405