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M5 Globular Cluster

Another nice globular cluster from NM. Total exposure 77 minutes.



M14 Globular Cluster

Finally back in business. Two months since I was able to operate our remote observatory in New Mexico due broken motor to open up the roof. Now it’s fixed. First test image of the RC1. This is total of 80 minutes of LRGB exposures of this nice globular cluster.


M41 Star Cluster, New Mexico

This is actually the first light color image of the second RC we just got operational in Rancho Hidalgo, NM. This 16 RC is equipped with Apogee U9 CCD with 9-position CFW. Image exposures are LRGB=18:18:18:18 minutes.



Season End, M13 LLRGB 3 Hours

This is one of my last targets for every imaging season. This year I’m imaging this great cluster with RC for the first time! Total exposure time is 3 hours (details in gallery). Seeing was pretty good but I managed to put couple of bad frames into luminance stack and therefore some of the stars look like triangle.




Finally I got some time to process some of the images taken on 4.-6.01.2008, This is open cluster M45 and exposure time is 5 hours total (LRGB=110:60:50:80).