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M20, The Trifid Nebula

Imaged in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Searchlight Observatory Network, Planewave 20″ CDK + Apogee AltaU42 on Paramount ME.


GUM 48a Nebula

This beautiful nebula consists of large HII region and some nice dark and reflection nebulae. Here are total of 174 minutes of HaLRGB frames combined.

SON, Atacama Chile.


NGC 2070, The Tarantula Nebula

Imaging color images with photometric filters might surprise you. I was certainly surprised of the green color of this nebula. Real color should be red because of strong Ha emission but obviously Rc, V and B filters disagree with that. Nevertheless this is total of 50 minutes exposure taken from Chile.



IC 434 a.k.a Horsehead Nebula First Light in Chile

This is my first light using using 20″ PlaneWave CDK telescope in Atacama Chile. I was using only photometric filters to acquire colors for this magnificent nebula. Total exposure is 84 minutes.


NGC 6888

I had a chance to shoot one moonless night in the middle of the monsoon at New Mexico. I picked up this target because I already had some data for it from previous sessions. This is total of 291 minutes of HaLRGB frames combined together with Photoshop.



NGC 6914, Reflection Nebula in Cygnus

This image is taken with the 16 inch RC in Rancho Hidalgo, New Mexico. It consists of 30 min total exposures per color channel. All subs are 3 minutes in duration.

NGC 6914

Cygnus Wall


Latest additions, M81, NGC 2170, IC 410

These images are the latest images taken remotely with Searchlight Observatory Network’s equipment.




PK164+31.1 Ha

Latest New Mexico addition, supernova remnant PK164+31.1. This is one of my favorite nebula and I will try to shoot LRGB later when the Moon and weather allows.

This is 200 minutes of Ha.

Searchlight Observatory Network, NM, USA.


The Monkey Head Nebula

Latest image is the famous Monkey Head Nebula. This image is a combination of Ha and LRGB frames taken in New Mexico with Searchlight Observatory Network’s 16 inch RCA and Apogee Alta U42 CCD.

Sh2-252 aka Monkey Head Nebula