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Today’s APOD

My image of NGC 4945 was selected as NASA’s Astronomy Picture of The Day.

Here is the link to APOD-page:

Here you can see my other astronomy images:

NGC 253 aka Silver Dollar Galaxy

This beautiful galaxy raises just above 30 degrees in New Mexico when at meridian. I was able to image this visually huge galaxy in two nights totaling exposure time of 186 minutes.


Latest additions, M81, NGC 2170, IC 410

These images are the latest images taken remotely with Searchlight Observatory Network’s equipment.




Searchlight Observatory Network

In May 2012 I started to operate remotely a telescope in New Mexico, USA. This telescope is one of Searchlight Observatory Network stations owned by Caisey Harlingten.

Main usage of this telescope is for scientific work but time to time I can use it for taking pretty pictures as well.

This is the latest, NGC 925:


M81 / M82 Duo Spiced with Ha

Finally, finally, finally! Couple of clear nights and no Moon. Still quite freezing though. This image has following exposures: HaLRGB = 120:70:55:55:35 minutes. I was applying Adam Blocks methods for image processing as much as I could. Here is the result.


I would still like to get some more Ha, Blue and Luminance. Ha subs for this were 30 minutes each which is a personal record for exposure length.

NGC 1365

Long time since last image from Australia. The weather was co-operating and Team Finland was able to get some good frames of this great spiral galaxy.


M83 with NG Group’s 16″ RCOS Truss f/9

Yesterday I subscribed as a user for Northern Galactic Group’s remote control telescope. Today I was able to use 16″ RCOS Truss f/9 telescope on Paramount ME mount equipped with Apogee U9000 CCD for more than 4 hours :). The scope and the camera is a VERY POWERFULL combination of imaging equipment, not to forget the mount.

This is only 80 minutes of total exposure of M83. Very basic image processing.


M33 Revisited

Watching few hours of Adam Block’s PS tutorials, I tried those new tricks on my old M33 data. Here are both LHaRGB and LRGB versions with new processing.


M33 Project v0.9

This project is almost finished. Now total exposure time is 7.2 hours. I added some more luminance and red data. Also I put some more effort to image processing. Hope it paid off!


M33 Project v0.8

Additional 70 minutes of Ha data added and color balance finetuned.