NGC 2070, The Tarantula Nebula

Imaging color images with photometric filters might surprise you. I was certainly surprised of the green color of this nebula. Real color should be red because of strong Ha emission but obviously Rc, V and B filters disagree with that. Nevertheless this is total of 50 minutes exposure taken from Chile.



IC 434 a.k.a Horsehead Nebula First Light in Chile

This is my first light using using 20″ PlaneWave CDK telescope in Atacama Chile. I was using only photometric filters to acquire colors for this magnificent nebula. Total exposure is 84 minutes.


NGC 253 aka Silver Dollar Galaxy

This beautiful galaxy raises just above 30 degrees in New Mexico when at meridian. I was able to image this visually huge galaxy in two nights totaling exposure time of 186 minutes.


NGC 6888

I had a chance to shoot one moonless night in the middle of the monsoon at New Mexico. I picked up this target because I already had some data for it from previous sessions. This is total of 291 minutes of HaLRGB frames combined together with Photoshop.



M63 Galaxy

Another image from NM couple nights ago. This galaxy is also called the Sunflower galaxy. Total exposure of 120 minutes.


M5 Globular Cluster

Another nice globular cluster from NM. Total exposure 77 minutes.



M14 Globular Cluster

Finally back in business. Two months since I was able to operate our remote observatory in New Mexico due broken motor to open up the roof. Now it’s fixed. First test image of the RC1. This is total of 80 minutes of LRGB exposures of this nice globular cluster.


M41 Star Cluster, New Mexico

This is actually the first light color image of the second RC we just got operational in Rancho Hidalgo, NM. This 16 RC is equipped with Apogee U9 CCD with 9-position CFW. Image exposures are LRGB=18:18:18:18 minutes.



Comet C/2012 S1 ISON

Imaged yesterday just before sunrise in New Mexico with our new RC2 telescope with Apogee U9 CCD. Four 15 seconds subs combined.


Second 16″ RC Operational in New Mexico

After long wait and a lot of work and configuration I’m happy to announce that we have our second operational RC telescope in Rancho Hidalgo. Thank you Mark Hanson for your valuable help.

Two 16" RCs